SoCal Premier has been the standard in Adult soccer for over 40 years

–Founded in 1976 SoCal Premier has ALWAYS been run by soccer people for soccer people. We have always been a volunteer run organization, navigating our way through the changes in the game.

–SoCal Premier is the largest adult soccer league in California with over 60 teams

–SoCal Premier has always let the game determine who is the best. We have been operating with promotion and relegation and following a European calendar and format for more than 25 years.

–We are proud to bring our experience and expertise in the game and align with youth soccer in southern California because we have seen that a drastic change is needed if we are ever going to win a World Cup!

SoCal Premier is built on a foundation to grow successfully

–The “Southern California Soccer League” is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

•EIN #81-3763231, August 24, 2016. CA Corporate #C3939949

–Founded in 1976

–Became “SoCal Soccer League” in 2009 as a 501c7 to affiliate with Calsouth as an adult soccer league

–Launched youth recreational soccer in 2016 to support Calsouth in the Intercity divisions

–Created the 501c3 in 2016 in order to officially sanction as a youth and adult competitive soccer league



NorCal Premier

This organization introduced monumental change to the landscape of youth soccer in Northern California in 2004. They continue to be on the cutting edge and change agents for the youth and adult game.

NorCal Premier has given us full access to their operations, policies, procedures, and practices so that we can bring meaningful and lasting change to southern California.