Finally, a true full pyramid league providing competitive play for all ages, all levels, from youth through adult! Now you can organize your club with your own full structure and play all your teams within the same structure. Start them as 8 year olds. Move on to national qualifying divisions, then onto the U23 division, and finally the adult leagues. Finish off by competing in our Over35 division. From cradle to grave, we have it all for you!

Even if you have USSDA, ECNL, or a professional team, our SoCal Premier leagues have divisions to support all the teams in your club. Your top teams can compete in the exclusive and closed leagues if you find a greater purpose there and we support that. For the rest of those players and teams you are developing and growing SoCal Premier has what you need!


2018 Summer League Standings

2018 U23 Summer League Schedules

2018 Men’s Open Summer League Schedules