Our vision for Revamping youth club leagues…

SoCal Premier will introduce a 9 month, developmentally appropriate length season, for all clubs and teams to participate in. Along with this, we plan to provide low cost coaching and referee education, free player identification and club development programs.

The current landscape needs revamping if we are ever going to win a world cup on the men’s side. If we are going to maintain our status on the women’s side we also need to look at the rest of the world and how they develop world-class players.

The most important thing a league can do is to provide the right environment in which clubs can develop their players. Through our personal experiences and thorough research we have come to realize that clubs are ready for a change. The current system of leagues, tournaments, showcases, state cups, national cups, winter, spring and summer cups, and all the friendlies and travel in between is not conducive for true player development. It is not even a very good environment in which to coach the game.

Teams are regularly competing for upwards of 9-12 trophies every calendar year! Over a 52 weekend year, a typical team has 15-25 weekends where there are multiple games played per weekend! The current leagues play multiple games per weekend. EVERY tournament plays multiple games per weekend. Cups player multiple games per weekend. Playoff events play multiple games per weekend. Showcases play multiple games per weekend.

With all the emphasis on winning trophies we are raising a generation of competitive athletes who are being taught that your identity is wrapped up in performance and levels and winning trophies.

Are we doing all this because it is the pathway to develop world-class talent? Are we doing it because it is a pathway to inspire a winning mentality? Does there have to be a trophy to be had every weekend in order to develop a player?

We introduce to you a soccer league that puts the player, true development, and the game first. We know that we must remove some barriers to allow clubs to have the freedom to develop. However, with this we understand there is an opportunity for clubs to do harm to players and to the game. It is our goal to relentlessly encourage each club and communicate to all our members to do what is best for the player and the game.

If you have a great team and you always win that is great, we all want that. Now, how do those best players improve? In our league with a fully open roster you will have the option to move them down to a lower level team and win even more, you will also have the option to move the player to a higher level or older team to challenge them and give them an opportunity to DEVELOP! Sure you can move the players to win some games, we feel that over a 22-24-26 game season that will be hard to maintain. And, we believe that the parents of the players on the lower level team will get tired of giving up playing time to the top players just so games can be won. What is at stake here is every players future, we are giving to clubs what they truly need at this time, and it is a league where they can compete for 9 months, 1 game a weekend, the ability for the club to move players around to give them what is best for THEM in both the short and the long term.

The time has come to usher in a new era of competition for clubs in southern California. SoCal Premier will introduce a 9 month, developmentally appropriate length league season, for all clubs and teams to participate in.

Our proposition is simple:

  • 9 month competitive league season
  • League Cup competition throughout season
  • 24-30 total league/cup games from September through May
  • 1 full, competitive game per weekend per team
  • No holiday games (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, MLK, Easter, Memorial Day)
  • 3 additional “Opt-out” weekends to compete in other competitions (reschedules result in 2 games on a weekend)
  • Divisions will consist of 12-15 teams each and will play a Home/Away season
  • High School age teams will break for HS
  • Top divisions are qualifiers for NPL nationals
  • Showcase events for NPL divisions


NorCal Premier

This organization introduced monumental change to the landscape of youth soccer in Northern California in 2004. They continue to be on the cutting edge and change agents for the youth and adult game.

NorCal Premier has given us full access to their operations, policies, procedures, and practices so that we can bring meaningful and lasting change to southern California.