SoCal Premier values the player experience

–Fully open rosters for all league play.

Club & coaches determine best competitive and developmental fit for each player from game to game.

–Level of play is not attached to players, only to teams

for example, a player is not a “flight 1” or a “gold player”, only the team carries the determination of a level.

–2 games maximum allowed per player per weekend

–Player Development Program (PDP) will be free

–Regional training centers to occur on at least a quarterly basis for top players to receive additional training

–Youth players from 14+ allowed to play on clubs adult teams

SoCal Premier will bring the Played Development Program (PDP) to southern California

NorCal Premier has done a tremendous job growing the game by providing regularly scheduled PDP’s to their region. A free program for all NorCal Premier members. We are excited to bring that to SoCal and bring exposure, development, and growth to a much larger group of players.