SoCal Premier will support Clubs

–SCP recognizes that every club is independently owned and operated

–SCP recognizes that each club is at a different stage of growth

–Local engagement, infrastructure, short & long-term planning

–Completing the full club pyramid – youth/adult, men/women, competitive/recreational

–Technical Committees will be appointed from member clubs

–Regional Advisors will be elected from member clubs

Club Standards

–Affiliation will depend on the clubs goals and direction

–Different standards will be required depending on team levels of competition; local, regional or national qualifying divisions

–Each team/club must provide access to home fields for games.

–SCP will collaborate with clubs to establish local partnerships with other teams/clubs to share home fields if in the same locality

Club Ethics

–SoCal Premier takes seriously the current environment of recruiting and seeks to establish the same standards that have been established and upheld at NorCal Premier.

–This could be a difficult transition for some, however, we believe that it is important to introduce a new era and standard where clubs work together and not against one another.

–Club must contact club directly for permission to approach a player.

–Player/Club agreements will be upheld by SCP. Transfers will only be allowed if agreements have been met and complete.

–Clubs will have the option to “buy-out” a player/club agreement.

–Transfers only allowed in the window from Dec-Jan and June-August

See Code of Ethics for more information